International Campaign for the Establishment and Development of Oncology Centers


 A Non -Profit ,Non Governmental Organization.  1st   Founding meeting of its Committee  was  held in Vienna 24-25 September 1996.      WWW.ICEDOC.ORG


  After years of communication and preparation , many colleagues from around the world  have shared and planned for ICEDOC's  outreach. ICEDOC's  Experts in Cancer without borders” is the main corpus of ICEDOC.  It offers free consultation  and advice to authorities, colleagues and cancer patients on volunteer basis. We convey a message of love for all.

  We are all volunteer consultants. What collect us is the love for all , and the will to give some advice and push to enhance cancer management around the world in the remaining years of our active practice and even after retire. 

All of us are already so busy, But it is shown that many of us would like to give some minutes every  week  across e-mails consultation and expression of his own views . Sometimes - if possible as it is not at all a condition - to devote few days a year in a volunteer workshop and consultation visit to a country . 

We look for cancer management with global balanced approaches. There are special emphasis on early detection, prevention and palliative care. However, we stress also on the need to have an access for reasonable cancer treatment for cancer patients in underserved regions. Despite of all the exciting efforts and organizations, there are 85% of cancer patients in the world have no access to any reasonable cancer treatment!. The challenges are so multiple and complicated ! It is a real tragedy. !! ICEDOC is formed to complement and  NOT to compete with any organization or initiatives.

 It is NOT at  all contradictory to be a leader or an active member in one or more organization ( international or National) , and to be a very active volunteer in " ICEDOC's experts in cancer without borders".  Any national or international involvement or experience will help more in providing consultation to colleagues and guide them to useful connection.

Most of the consultation visits contain an educational workshop , meetings with colleagues , health authorities , personalities , media... etc, in order to mobilize efforts towards balanced approaches for cancer control and treatment. Furthermore, we visit with the local colleagues the existing cancer management facilities and we discus in friendly and informal environment  different lines to enhance cancer management   . One of the important components is to discuss with local colleagues cases of cancer patients (we are volunteer consultants) and exchange of views with our regional colleagues about management of cases. If possible , we exchange views about technical and practical aspects and we offer all what is possible of technical advices in different branches of cancer management. Moreover, wherever possible, we encourage the conduct of feasible researches in cooperation with different colleagues or organizations.  

These   consultation and workshops are preceded by preparation . But , the most important part is the follow up and the progress of what achieved or planned during such short visit for few days. For such vital part, which is the follow up and continuity, all who would like to share are invited and asked  to offer across e-mails,  their comments , advice and if possible how they can help. That is to say our visit is not finished by Good Bye in the airport and some reports later on , but the actual work for all , starts  at that moment    and  extends  for years. 

-  One of the most demanded activities  of ICEDOC  is that   we offer  a   lot of  E-mails advices or connect colleagues in all continents  to experts in different parts of the world  . It proves  to be a very practical and prompt way of assistance  !    

 We  welcome any strategic advice you might share.

 ICEDOC has won official recognition as a U.S. non-profit organization,registered in Texas ,USA .  Our mission, however, extends to deprived regions in world . We are convinced that the world is a one human family.  What’s more, it is our contention that every human life is of infinite worth, and therefore, deserving of the best medical cares possible.  With your help we will continue our work .

Donation and grants to ICEDOC, in the form of a check should be made payable to : ICEDOC
The checks are sent to the address of ICEDOC's Treasurer, Dr.A.Razek, 906 S.Hebron Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47714, USA ( Fax : 812 477 52 33 USA )
( Please do not send cash )


( For more information :  e-mail :       FAX :  +1 (928) 2442696 USA    & 20 / 66 3325 706 Egypt.)   




  How To Join ICEDOC's Experts in Cancer without Borders

   Welcome to ICEDOC's Experts in Cancer without Borders* 

   *( A division of ICEDOC , A non profit ,non governmental organization , registered in USA ). Volunteers Experts in cancer are those who have experience in cancer and all related sciences and professions from around the world. We welcome the cooperation of   Consultants Physicians, Surgeons, and all other  specialties that serve cancer patients care i.e. Oncology nursing , Medical Physicists , Medical engineers , Technicians , Consultants in media and all experts in fields that can enhance cancer management  in underserved regions around the world }


To Join ICEDOC's Experts in cancer without borders ,  as Associate member ( as an individual expert) or Associate institute, please e-mail , or fax very short information about your activity to e-mail :   or   FAX :  +1 (928) 2442696 USA    

Please include   your full address , Tel. , fax , and  your e-mail (s) and indicate the  area of interest and in what fields you would like to share as volunteer consultant , or to help in sponsoring  or to invite for a workshop in your country . 


The main  requirements is to kindly  agree on: 

 1) To offer : E-mail consultations around the year in the field that you prefer in the  domains of cancer management or   and development of cancer services. Consultation are offered upon demands of colleagues in all continents , health authorities and cancer patients and their families. 


2)  Additionally, we welcome any strategic advice you might share to achieve more progress for ICEDOC . We appreciate much , any efforts to arrange or guide for sponsoring part of its activities or to invite for a consultation meeting .


3) Our other volunteer activities ,  is  - if possible as it is not at all a term  - to participate , few days a year in a volunteer workshop and consultation visit to a Country ( upon invitation   and according to the available time and the will of some volunteer consultants  ) .  Moreover ,  all   initiatives  of joint Scientific work and information to the visited regions  are encouraged   (Volunteers experts are completely free to use  their different distinguished positions , to help and to guide   colleagues during on site consultation  ). 


 ( No Membership fees are required )     


Finally, on behalf of all colleagues in the international family of ICEDOC , we  express our deepest pleasure for our cooperation together in the Volunteer work of ICEDOC , that has been established and will continue by the good will  and participation of kind and distinguished experts like you.    


Warmest regards. 

On Behalf of ICEDOC :  

Professor Dr. Ahmed Elzawawy.   

President , ICEDOC 

e-mail :    or   FAX :  +1 (928) 244 26 96 USA    & +20  (66 ) 33 25 706 Egypt     &


Main official office of ICEDOC :  Medina, TX 78055, USA .