ICEDOC is one of the sites cited in WHO ( World Health Organization) website , among sites for professional information in the field of cancer.

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Web links / Liens électroniques sur la Toile :





Professional links

Liens professionnels


US National Cancer Institute


University of Pennsylvania


American Soc. Of Clinical Oncology


European School of Oncology


Federation of European Cancer Societies


American Cancer Society






European Organisation for Research
and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)


American Association for Cancer Research


Oncology Nursing Society


Internet Grateful Med


Agency for Health Care Policy and Research


Food and Drug Administration


Telematics Services in Cancer


International Campaign for Establishment and
Development of Oncology Centers (ICEDOC


The World Cancer Research Fund International


International Union Against Cancer





Websites with patient information:




SOS Europe


Cancer Care Inc




Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)


Cancer Research Campaign


Leukaemia Research Fund


Medline Online Cancer Information Center





La Toile, en français : Information professionnelle


Institut Scientifique de la Santé publique (ISP) (Belgique)


Société canadienne du cancer


Société française du cancer


Le Bulletin du Cancer


Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer (France)


IC, Institut Curie


IGR Institut Gustave Roussy


IP, Institut Pasteur


Fnclcc, Fédération nationale descentres de lutte contre le cancer


International cancer Conferences
Conférences internationales sur le cancer


Fondation Mérieux