ICEDOC is the "International Campaign for the Establishment and Development of Oncology Centres"  A Non-Profit, Non-Governmental organization


 1st   Founding meeting of its Committee?? was  held in? 24-25 September 1996, Vienna ,Austria.?? ICEDOC is? incorporated in September 1999 ,?? Texas ,USA.

?  After years of communication and preparation many colleagues from around the world have shared and planned for? its  outreach.

 " ICEDOC's? Experts in Cancer Without Borders " is the main corpus of ICEDOC. It offers free consultation and advice to authorities ,colleagues and cancer patients on volunteer basis. We convey a message of love for all.

Examples of some activties of " ICEDOC's Experts in Cancer Without Borders" :


The WIN-WIN Scientific initiative : (Please feel free to read suggest and contribute in these international initiatives that aims at increasing affordability of better value cancer treatment in the world . ICEDOC and WIN-WIN initiative belong to all


Update of 24 August 2012

The 7th SEMCO-ASCO Conference: Advanced Course on cancer in the older population, 18 - 19 October, 2012, Cairo, Egypt  

For application forms & Agenda & venue : please visit   or and click on SEMCO)


Update of November 2010

The 6th SEMCO-ASCO Conference: International Clinical Trials Workshop ( ICTW) , 27-28 January ,2011 , Cairo , Egypt.   


For application forms & Agenda & venue : please visit   or and click on SEMCO)


New update? of September 8, 2008??

Schedule of SEMCO? Educational activities from 20 November ,2008 till April ,2009? ( And after !!!)??


(SEMCO: South and East Mediterranean college of Oncology)


August 12, 2011 :


Call for Applications
?Bursary Schemes to support palliative care in sub-Saharan Africa
International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) is pleased to announce a call for applications
?for bursaries to build, improve, and advance palliative care in sub-Saharan
?This program is made possible thanks to a grant from the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.
?Individuals living and working in
?Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe are eligible to apply.
?Bursaries will be awarded in two

Postgraduate qualification courses in palliative care. Courses need tobe in institutions which are government
accredited and academically affiliated and for post graduate level leading to a certified and government recognized formal degree (ie Distance Learning Diplomas, MSc/MPhil).
Research courses on basic research and methodology, including study design, statistical tools, statistical analysis and applicability, writing grant applications for research and preparing a paper for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

?Applications must be received three (3)months in advance of the course starting date. Preference will be given to
?individuals applying for courses based in Africa. Applicants may only apply for one of the two bursaries.
?To learn more about the criteria, description of the bursaries and how to apply, click on
?International Association Hospice and
?Palliative Care
?5535 Memorial Dr. Suite F - PMB 509
?Houston TX 77007


An interesting link :


November 20 - 22, 2008, Izmir, Turkey :

2nd ASCO-SEMCO Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course (MCMC) Turkey.  

 Please visit  the web  to contact Prof. Munir Kinay Izmir ,Turkey.  

( Visit ,you'll find many previous lectures under the icon of SEMCO  & For  registration for the  meeting of Izmir  2008 :  ) 


January 14- 16, 2009, Alexandria, Egypt :

?ACOD 12 : SEMCO-ACOD-AORTIC conference. Host organizer : ACOD .  

( AORTIC : African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer ) .  

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March 17-18, 2009, Cairo, Egypt

2nd Africa Breast Cancer conference . SEMCO & Princess Nikky Breast Cancer Foundation & ASCOD


Wednesday 15 - to Friday 17, April  , 2009 , Cairo :

SEMCO-ASCO advanced course and conference : Palliative Oncology .  


SEMCO is the local-regional organizing committee for AORTIC 2011 conference, Cairo, Egypt. The year 2011.


More SEMCO programs of the fall of 2009 and the years 2010, 2011 in the region are under development. (Keep tuned !)



NEW update of? October 12, 2006 ?: One year ago , ICEDOC has launched? "The South and East Mediterranean College of Oncology SEMCO. President of SEMCO is Prof. Hussein Khaled, NCI, Cairo and Director is Prof. Ahmed Elzawawy,

The objective is to establish regular professional and public educational courses, meetings, training and researches in different fields related to cancer.?

All distinguished colleagues and cancer Experts in The South and East Mediterranean as well as international colleagues in ICEDOC and international and national organizations are invited to have their distinguished and leading advisory roles in SEMCO.?

?We welcome all cooperation and collaborations.??

SEMCO is thankful to SEHA? South and East Mediterranean for Health advances (Representative Mrs. Lamia Aboulfadl) for the continuous collaboration since its early development.

As in ICEDOC, the role of the president and the director of SEMCO are to offer the organizational environment, with the least possible complexities, in order to serve their distinguished colleagues. Moreover, to create more bonds to gather some of the good but dispersed activities in this wide region.??

?We are very frank and up to the point when we stress on one of the important principals in the new school : SEMCO respects and appreciates? the prestige and experience of every distinguished colleague in the region and we consider all suggestions , common upcoming activities , and collaboration.??

It is a call for all colleagues in the region to join the activities of SEMCO.


For more details Contact ICEDOC:?? e-mail?? and  


2nd update of March 14, 2008-03-14 

2nd SEMCO-ASCO-ASCOD conference and advanced course will be held on 26-28 March, 2008 Cairo Egypt (ASCO: American Society of Clinical Oncology) for program click here, for interactive registration form click here for  1st announcement click here. 

To read The SEMCO initiative to enhance international scientific publications in all fields of cancer click here


The South and East Mediterranean College of Oncology SEMCO is pleased to inform you that for the first time, the American Society of clinical Oncology (ASCO) will hold its Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course (MCMC) in the region. The ASCO-MCMC course will be organized by SEMCO, on April? 5-6, 2007, Cairo, Egypt. ?Click here for Invitation Letter. Click here for brochure in PDF format. Click here for its registration form and here for its accommodation form.

?The main theme:" The multidisciplinary management of breast and bladder cancers."

April 7,8? 2007 : The course will be followed by "Practical approaches for cancer management" with on site visits to NCI, Cairo and NEMROK of Kaser El Einy, Cairo University.??

For more details Contact ICEDOC :?? e-mail?? and  


Upcoming events : ICEDOC/ SEMCO is preparing for the upcoming? scientific and Educational events? for the year 2007 and 2008 . ( One the nearest event will be with? ESMO? The European Society of Medical Oncology )??


The upcoming ICEDOC's Experts missions will be in Malaysia and Tanzania. There are preparations for missions in Latin America and India.?

We welcome the study of any suggestion from any part of the world to host an ICEDOC 4-6 day's mission and we consider it in our program if we can. (Our principals: All patients are my patient, all colleagues in the world are my colleague, and ICEDOC belongs to all!)


Contact ICEDOC for the report of? the ICEDOC's Expert mission? of Prof. Elgazzar to Shanghai ,China? (19 to 23 September ,2005).

For the summary of activities done during the years 2003 , 2004  and for the last ICEDOC's newsflash for the year 2005,?? send an e-mail to: ? or .??


Last news for the year 2003 was on? 19 December, 2003.? Mrs. Lamia Aboulfadl, The representative of MEED (Middle East Economic Development) asked for the expertise of ICEDOC's experts in Cancer Without Borders in the? fields of Health and cancer.


Examples of some? activties of " ICEDOC's Experts in Cancer Without Borders" during the years 2000- 2002?? :

* 27-28 May, 2002 : ICEDOC/ Izmir ( Turkey) meeting .Chairman of ICEDOC's Izmir ( Turkey) Activities is Prof.Munir Kinay. (Main Headline:? The possibilities? short Training or Fellowships? in Izmir.Dukuz Eylul University , particularly for candidates from countries? of middle Asia ,Caucasian region and Georgia (Former Soviet Union). For the full report about the meeting contact

* March 2002, Annaba, Algeria.
A consultation trip and Workshop to advice on the new project of cancer Centre. CHU, Annaba. Moreover , An initiative of " An Organized and coordinated palliative care, Annaba, Algeria was discussed. ( For the full report contact

- Some of the ICEDOC's? activities presented in the?? ICEDOC? meeting of? 12 May, 2001 , San Francisco ,CA , USA :


* 22-29 July ,2000 :? The ICEDOC ?CPC Workshop , Tbilsi , Batumi , Georgia. ( Local ICEDOC-CPC Organizer is Prof.Rema Gvamichava )? There is a commitment from ICEDOC to continue its interaction and cooperation with colleagues in Georgia .

* 24 September 2000: The first on site consultation? to advise on a project of radiotherapy , Annaba, Algeria. ( Local ICEDOC Contact ,Professor Sari Zoubir ,Annaba )

* 19 October 2000, Bangkok, Thailand ( our  meeting with ICEDOC chief advisers in Thailand , Prof. Puribhat and Physicist Niskorn Mantrakul , and with the director of national cancer institute and heads of departments and colleagues in Bangkok ). ,

* 22- 26 October 2000, Shanghai , China. First ICEDOC's Experts mission to Shanghai and The? joint ICEDOC-Chinese Society of pediatric Oncology meeting. An agreement for yearly ICEDOC's Consultants visits to Shanghai was signed.

?* 27-31 October 2000:Jodhpur ,India , With cooperation with Sanchetee hospital  ( Consultation visit , Camp for examining cases with colleagues coming  from Jodhpur, and jodhpur faculty of Medicine ,different hospitals and  colleagues coming  specially from  some different parts of India , colleagues from Bombay ,Keralla ,our  inauguration of a Campaign for mobilization of early detection attended by principals and school teachers of the region , inauguration of a Mammography unit , Outpatient Chemotherapy unit, Meetings with colleagues in the department of radiotherapy in the one of the hospitals of the faculty of Medicine , we offered and to continue to offer technical and practical advices for the project to establish the first modern Nuclear medicine unit in Rahjstan Region.? Moreover, a workshop was held in the faculty of Medicine of Jodhpur ). There is a commitment from ICEDOC to continue its interaction and cooperation with colleagues in India .

* 1st November 2000 :Kuwait ,  consultation visit to advise on the first hospice for palliative and terminal care tailored to culture and values  in Kuwait   , that could be a model or an experience to be  reproduced in Kuwait and other parts in the same region.  

These consultation and workshops held were surely preceded by long preparation . But , the most important part is the follow up and the progress of what achieved or planned during such short visit for few days. For such vital part, which is the follow up and continuity, all  visitors of ICEDOC's? website and all ?who would like to share in the world  are invited to offer (across e-mails)?? their comments , advices and if possible how they can help. 

This means that? our ICEDOC visits? don't? finished by Good Bye in the airport and some reports later on , but the actual work for all? starts  at that  moment and ?extends  for years.


One of the most demanded activities of ICEDOC is that?? we offer a   lot of E-mails advices or connect colleagues in all continents  to experts in different parts of the world. It proves to be a very practical and prompt way of assistance!    


update of March 28, 2010

The Win-Win Initiative of ICEDOC's Experts in Cancer Without Borders

The Win-Win Initiative aims at increase affordability of cost effective and resource sparing cancer treatment in the world via scientific approaches. No one would lose!

For more information: (Document1, Document2, Document3)


Please feel free to e-mail us your feedback and suggestions

ICEDOC belongs to all!

ICEDOC is a message of scientific cooperation and love for all!


ICEDOC is formed to complement and NOT to compete with any organization or initiative.?

Our message is a message of love for all and we are all volunteers.        e-mails :    

FAX :  +1 (928) 2442696   USA+20 66 / 3320? 403 Egypt .