International Campaign for Establishment and Development of Oncology Centers (ICEDOC)

The Open Letter

ICEDOC was founded on 25 September 1996, by eminent volunteer consultants and experts. We will be so pleased if we receive your requirements of our program. So, we can consider them in our schedule.

Examples of the main schedule of activities:

The committee offers -for free- suggestions, technical, medical advice and consultations in the field of cancer control, establishment and development of cancer management units including advice of initiation of new projects, or improvement of the quality and quantity of the existing facilities. All what is required from any country, or local authority is just to specify their need and to cover the travel expenses and local accommodation during the short stay of the volunteer experts who work for free.

ICEDOC training courses and round table seminars: The committee is arranging training courses and seminars that could be customized according to the request of the host country or region. The host country, authority or hospital covers only the tickets and the local accommodation of the experts. It is recommended that we receive your request as soon as possible . The sooner you send, the earlier that your program could be arranged.

Our training courses and seminars are directed to practical topics, such as: Different aspects of establishment and development of Oncology centers, organization of outpatient oncology units, practical aspects of cancer prevention and control, improvement of the quality of radiation oncology, practical aspects of chemotherapy of cancer and administration of drugs, local training of young trainee radiation oncologist, physicist and technicians of radiotherapy, practical aspects needed for nurses and health care givers of cancer patients, running and administration aspects of an oncology unit or center.

Upon your request, you can benefit from our growing system of communications in technology transfer and getting technical advice via Internet web site (, e-mail, fax, and our printed materials distributed -for free- with the support of ICEDOC communication system.

It is worth while to mention here that we believe that the interaction between the ICEDOC and local health authorities or the local doctors and health care personnel gives the best results as the local conditions and experience are considered. One of the main principles of the ICEDOC is that tailoring cancer centers and cancer control programs to the regional condition as most as possible. The ICEDOC belongs to all the humanity, so it belongs to you.

Looking to receiving your request, suggestions and comments. Please accept the expression of appreciation of all the board of ICEDOC.

The ICEDOC Message

-To the human community.
-To all health authorities in the world.
-To governmental and non-governmental cancer organizations in the world.
-To eminent personalities, politicians, industrialists and to cancer treatment manufacturers.
-To all who are concerned in cancer problems, prevention and treatment

In spite of all the existing efforts, reasonable cancer therapy is available for only 10-15% of the cancer patients in the world. According to the prevalence of cancer problems in the world, this number could be estimated as not less than 20 million cancer patients in the world. Cancer problems do not only touch patients, but also their families and friends who suffer for them. So, the burden of unreachable reasonable cancer management lies heavily on not less than 80 million persons in the world. This lack is more evident in the fields of radiation, medical oncology, and palliative and supportive care. This tragic situation should not be allowed to continue !.

ICEDOC has been established as an independent committee and to complement (and not to compete with or to duplicate) the work of existing organizations, societies, and authorities. The first founding meeting was held in Vienna, 24-25 September 1996. The ICEDOC is a non profit, and non governmental committee formed of volunteers experts in cancer and related sciences and professions One of its important approaches is to co-ordinate views and efforts of volunteers oncologists, experts, cancer treatment manufacturers, authorities, administrators and some eminent personalities towards increasing the facilities and the quality of the existing cancer centers and establishment of more cancer management units all over the world.

The goals of the ICEDOC are to share in the followings:
1-To increase cancer management facilities in the world.
2-To improve the quality of the existing services.
3-To decrease the morbidity and mortality of cancer.
4-To promote the activities of early detection of cancer that should be tailored for each region and to associate them with more availability of treatment facilities.
5-To assist in tailoring cancer treatment protocols, modalities and departments according to the specific conditions and the socio-economic factors in each region taking into-consideration the views of the local health care givers and community. The final results should lie within the range of acceptable results. There will be double way benefits for the patients and the progress of medicine.
6-To conduct relevant researches.

Honorary and active membership of the ICEDOC could be presented to all who support, help, or to participate to achieve the noble goals of the ICEDOC. We welcome all cooperation, suggestions and comments.

Finally, we are all aware of the screaming of millions of cancer patients, their relatives and friends. “Please don’t forget us”.
Sincerely, The Board of ICEDOC