International Campaign for Establishment and Development of Oncology Centers (ICEDOC)


ICEDOC was registered as a non-governmental organization, registered in Texas, USA in 1999. Founding President: Prof. Ahmed Elzawawy. Founding Secretary General: Dr. Pamela J Haylock, Medina, TX 78055, USA. In 2016, it became a global movement “The Win-Win movement” that aims at the increase of affordability of better value cancer care in the world via exploration of scientific approaches and win-win scenarios. No one will lose. All stakeholders will win.

ICEDOC has three main principles:

- Not competitors but allies with all.
- With all towards increasing cancer management facilities.
- Classic and innovative approaches.

ICEDOC objectives are

* To increase cancer management facilities in the world.
* To improve the quality of the existing services
* To decrease the morbidity and mortality of cancer.
* To promote the activities of early detection of cancer that should be tailored for each region and to associate them with more availability of treatment facilities.
* To assist in tailoring cancer treatment protocols, modalities and departments according to the specific conditions and the socio-economic factors in each region taking into-consideration the views of the local health care givers and community. The final results should lie within the range of acceptable results. There will be double way benefits for the patients and the progress of medicine.
* To conduct relevant researches


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elzawawy,
Founding President of ICEDOC
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